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Mill your flours in seconds with KoMo

Written in collaboration with Galloway’s Foods.

The flours that you find on the shelves today are likely nutritionally bankrupt!

Before I say more, the good news is that it is now easy to mill your own grains (including rice, lentils, dry beans and spices) with some excellent grain grinders available at Galloway’s Foods.

I watched a demonstration of their in-store KoMo Duett Grain Grinder and Flaker and was enthralled to see the quinoa grains become fine flour in just seconds. Read more

Q&A interview with Buddhist meditator Brian Callahan

I am very excited to share with you what I learn about the current energy of integration (aligning mind, body and spirit), because you have already started the process with nutrition and are likely to be more receptive to a more authentic way of living.

Following the stunning breakthroughs with Geneen Roth’s Women Food and God, I continue to explore the connection between meditation and nutrition on overall well-being. Read more

Kimberly Snyder highlights the top 50 beauty foods in her new book

If I could, I would hire Kimberly Snyder in a second to guide me through a beauty detox program – just so I could have her body and master those funky yoga poses (you’ll see them in the book).

Seriously. She’s a nutrition powerhouse and the go-to nutritionist for Hollywood celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Josh Duhamel and Ben Stiller to name a few. Read more