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Healthy delights from Tanzania meet world-class quality Part 2

If you are a smart foodie in Africa, you may understand why I went potty over Irente Delis’ whole oat bars in Dar-es Salaam, and have to broadcast it in this second series of natural goodies available in Tanzania. See part one here.

The organic, nutritionally-dense bars are unique to the region, and made up of East African earthy goodness: local peanuts, baobab flour, fresh coconuts, bananas and dates, created by Austrian Johanna Omere. Read more

the smart foodie travels to Africa

I’m in Nairobi, Kenya, where I was born.

It is taking some time to adjust to the conventional food culture here after living in a real foods mecca like Vancouver, BC. Perhaps my experience will help us all appreciate how much being a smart foodie can help to transform local food movements for the better.

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Top 4 nut butters and chocolates just for YOU!

When my mum in Kenya recently mentioned that she had received a jar of delicious Canadian Nutella, English chocolates and almond thins as gifts from a friend, it took such restraint for me not to start about the dreadful oils, artificial ingredients and lack of ethics that goes into producing these foods.

If more people knew about the incredible eco-friendly and super healthy nut butters and chocolates available, Nutella would be a horror thing of the past. Truly.

Its my mission to make it easier for you to know which ones they are so that you can treat yourself better with these options and help to spread the word. Read more