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Power of Food author Adam Hart models the current energy of integration

At one point in his life, this handsome, vibrant man used to suffer from depression, anxiety, food allergies and asthma.

He had a rocking relationship with junk food and was overweight.

The wake up call came at 26 years old, when Adam Hart was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and just knew that he had to take back control of his life.

Today at 40, he is a Living Food Champion, chef, professional speaker and author with his second book out this month: The Power of Food. Read more

Juice up your mojo with the right info

In just fifteen minutes, you can juice your way back to health, says leading wellness expert Jason Vale in the 2012 book Hungry for Change.

Within minutes of downing a glass of freshly extracted juice, says Change, your body receives an infusion of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that boost your metabolism and help restore your immune system. Read more