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Posts tagged ‘raw food’

Get your super nutrients with Rawsta Flora Chocolates

On Saturday, I sampled a local chocolate with two kinds of blue-green algae; superfoods that apparently nourish the brain in the same way raw cacao lifts the heart.

One algae was the highest form of aphanizomenon flos aquae harvested in Klamath Lake, Oregon. And the other was a more common one called spirulina. Read more

Beauty Detox Solution – really?

Typically, a book cover like this would make me roll my eyes – another glam looking model making false promises. Bah.

But my good friend who is as much into natural foods as I am suggested that The Beauty Detox Solution might offer answers to my sensitive digestion issues.

So I picked it up and surprisingly found myself annoyed, resistant to and challenged by this book, because Kimberly Snyder offers some inconvenient truths. Read more

Preet Marwaha on reconnecting people with food

I still remember feeling awe-struck the first time I tried a loveheart cookie from OrganicLives a couple of years ago.

It was nothing like what I expected of a raw and vegan cookie (blah) and more like the snack of my dreams (all-natural comfort).

Once I settled down, the questions tumbled out and gave birth to a new relationship with food.

So it was a big moment for me last week when I met with Preet Marwaha of OrganicLives – a talented entrepreneur with a global vision. Read more