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Vancouverites! Get your power boost with Okanagan Rawsome snacks

So long as my Okanagan Rawsome snacks are in supply (few days left), I’m a little happier to get up in the mornings.

They’re among the most flavourful raw, gluten free, vegan snacks I’ve had.

They come in two types: Krumbleez and Crisps: Read more

Top 4 nut butters and chocolates just for YOU!

When my mum in Kenya recently mentioned that she had received a jar of delicious Canadian Nutella, English chocolates and almond thins as gifts from a friend, it took such restraint for me not to start about the dreadful oils, artificial ingredients and lack of ethics that goes into producing these foods.

If more people knew about the incredible eco-friendly and super healthy nut butters and chocolates available, Nutella would be a horror thing of the past. Truly.

Its my mission to make it easier for you to know which ones they are so that you can treat yourself better with these options and help to spread the word. Read more

Rockin’ hOMe Grown snacks launch in Vancouver

The local selection of super healthy snacks just got bigger and more interesting with hOMe Grown Living Foods launch of 8 products in Vancouver. Read more