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Wake up with spiritual medium and author Rebecca Rosen

Probably most of the well-known spiritual teachers I know of are committed to the smart foodie path: eating local, organic, non processed foods.

Because, as we all know, food can enhance or weaken our life force and thus affect the decisions we make about our lives.

Processed foods may leave you feeling tired, groggy and stuck in old habits. Clean food will give you that natural perkiness to help you feel healthier, alert and more intuitive. Read more

Holiday recipes (and a new site)

My word! When did November become the new December for Christmas decorations and Food Gremlins?

Not to worry, I worked hard to launch my new site (same purpose) to help you get so Food Smart that you will intuitively get a sense of what real food is and how to make it work for you.

This week, I have five excellent and mostly easy to make recipes for the holidays that will satisfy and balance your food cravings while keeping you trim and sane. Try one or two and then tell me how they worked out, or write to me if you have any questions about the listed ingredients.

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