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Have you had a wise bite today?

Why, asked Cathline James, when we know how important it is to reduce sugar consumption, do we continue to hand out candy at Halloween, and celebrate birthdays with so much sugar?

I’ve asked myself the same question many times.

Cathline, however, took action in 2012 and launched BC-based Wise Bites: healthier cookies, muffins and bars made from gluten free quinoa flour, and sweetened mostly with organic date paste that is better for your blood sugar. Read more

How much sugar is good for you?

No amount of any sugar, even the so-called natural sweeteners is good for you, says the frank and well-known local nutritionist Preet Marwaha.

Not a welcome truth to hear, but it is consistently aligned with Preet’s philosophy that everything we eat either improves our health or degrades it. It also affects the health of our planet. Read more