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Vancouverites! Get your power boost with Okanagan Rawsome snacks

So long as my Okanagan Rawsome snacks are in supply (few days left), I’m a little happier to get up in the mornings.

They’re among the most flavourful raw, gluten free, vegan snacks I’ve had.

They come in two types: Krumbleez and Crisps: Read more

Have you had a wise bite today?

Why, asked Cathline James, when we know how important it is to reduce sugar consumption, do we continue to hand out candy at Halloween, and celebrate birthdays with so much sugar?

I’ve asked myself the same question many times.

Cathline, however, took action in 2012 and launched BC-based Wise Bites: healthier cookies, muffins and bars made from gluten free quinoa flour, and sweetened mostly with organic date paste that is better for your blood sugar. Read more

Urban Digs Farm demonstrates what it means to raise animals on pasture and love

It was an unexpected sight: a three-acre organic farm in South Burnaby, surrounded by busy shopping centres and industry outlets.

Fresh organic tomato soup – the best I’ve ever had – was simmering on the stove for market day, and the outdoor fireplace lent a kind of fairy tale farm feel to the setting.

On the table was a small quantity of free range eggs, local produce and healthy snacks for sale.

Given that owners Julia Smith and Ludo Ferrari work night and day, applying sustainable, ethical agriculture at Urban Digs Farm, I was very touched by the extra effort to make visitors feel at home. Read more