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Edgy Veggie Ellen Kanner on her book Feeding the Hungry Ghost

Read Ellen Kanner’s book Feeding the Hungry Ghost: Life, Faith and What to Eat for Dinner and you might find yourself, like me, wishing you were on her guest list for the next dinner party at her house.

She’s with us here though, reminding us to share the joys of cooking and eating together. She might nudge you to take a step or two further towards whole vegan foods, or growing your own veggies. No rush. One small step will do. What will it be?

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Get adventurous with new Vegan Secret Supper cookbook

Self-taught and talented Chef Mérida Anderson released her first cookbook in March called Vegan Secret Supper.

It was inspired by her successful underground vegan restaurant (the first of its kind) in Vancouver a few years ago, where she hosted gorgeous, multiple course meals for paying diners in her home. Chef Mérida continues to serve secret suppers in Brooklyn, New York.

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What’s so great about dehydrated foods?

If you can’t enough of the smashing desserts and snacks at places like Golden Aura Organic Eatery and Eternal Abundance, its probably because most of them include foods (particularly nuts and seeds) that have been soaked and dehydrated. Read more